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Alcoy is a Mediterranean city with an incomparable natural environment, surrounded by two Natural Parks (the Serra de Mariola and the Fuente Roja). And very well connected by road, being only 54 km from Alicante and 105 from Valencia and two international airports.


Its medieval and modernist heritage together with the emblematic bridges that save ravines and rivers present us with a friendly city, close by and full of history, to walk on foot. A walk through its streets clearly reveals the effort of its people to prosper in an environment of great natural beauty, but of extraordinary orographic complexity for urban evolution. The visitor will discover a place with a long industrial tradition, a unique and peculiar city due to its history, values ​​and resources, where they will fully enjoy a gastronomy based on local products and the warm embrace of the people of Alcoy.

Its festivities dedicated to Saint George or the hundred-year-old Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos, along with other cultural events such as the Modernist Fair, are also an annual attraction that attracts thousands of tourists for its magic and spectacular nature.


Fellow dancers, we hope that your stay in Alcoy is pleasant and that the city arouses your interest so that you can enjoy a couple more days of everything it has to offer.



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